Introduction to Akita Cards and Airdrop
2 min readMay 20, 2021


The Akita Cards Project started like any other crypto meme from the binance smart chain, we created only 1 NFT to launch the meme of the infamous Akita dog, with the goal of destroying the Shiba dog’s reputation, but the success was so great that people from the community itself got in touch asking, how could they buy the Akita dog? Will there be more NFT’s Akita? Why don’t they make exclusive versions and distribute them to the community? Is there going to be a tokenization of Akita drawings?

We realized through everything that was happening and decided to take the project more seriously, we finished the first collection of Akita dogs, coining a new name for this collection of 3 NTF’s, called Akita Fighters, being 2 NTF’s of this collection, it will be launched as airdrop for the community and only pre-sale ACARD token holders will receive the airdrop, with scheduled snapshots.

How to participate in the first airdrop of the Akita Fighter collection?

Airdrop Akita Cards

To participate in the airdrop, the investor must participate in our pre-sale that is already happening at unicrypt:

The first NTF Golden — Akita Fighter

It will be distributed to all buyers in the pre-sale.

The second NTF Diamond — Akita Fighter

It will be sent to the first 50 pre-sale buyers.

The third NTF Hellhound — Akita Fighter

It will be drawn among the 3 most active members of the community, chosen through an internal vote in the Akita Cards group on the telegram.

Snapshots will be taken at random times from 19, 20 to 21 May.

The NTF’s will be announced for public sale and distributed on May 22, 2021 on the Opensea (ETH) and Unifity (BSC) platform, after listing the token on the Pancake Swap.



The first collection Akita Dog NFT’s of Binance Smart Chain